Always wanted to do this, and finally got to do this…. jaihok hopefully I can continue. I’ll try to pick some relatively new songs that I found interesting.

Please, if you like the songs buy the original album and support the artists. I myself live outside Bangladesh and “collect” and deal with mp3s all the time but I never forget to grab the albums when I visit BD (and now with sites like amadergaan selling them legally, its easier now).

Here is my pick for the month of May:

No. 5: Tobe Ki hobe by Julie (Album: Balam ft Julie) – A very soothing song and very nicely done by Julie (also known as Moyna GO Julie).  But as one of my friend commented (after saying “ki gaan dili, netay gelam to”) you have to be in a relaxed mood to enjoy this and hence listening to this on your ipod on-the-go might not be a good idea. Rating: 3 out of 5 Download Link

No 4: NagorDola by Balam & Julie (Album: Balam ft Julie) – The only other song from the album that I liked, perhaps because it was Pohela Boishakh eve and I was miles away from all the Boiskhaki actions in BD (and had to go to work with this on my ipod). A very energetic song about mela, boiskhakh, halkhata etc etc although I felt the lyrics could have been better to suit better with the tune. Rating 3.5 out of 5 Download Link

No 3: Maula by Tausif (Album: Opekkha) -  Liked the tune (maybe because he stole some parts from his biggest hit song “Brishty”). And the lyrics were very confusing, couldnt even figure out whether this was a spiritual song (as the name is Maula) or he is just whining about his failed romance (this guys sings a lot of ‘chheka’ song). Nonetheless, Rating 3.5 out of 5. Download Link

No 2: Rodela Dupur by Tahsan & Mithila (Album: Tune into Radio Mania) – A very nice song by the all famous Tahsan-Mithila duo (!!!), although Tahsan is…… kk I’ll let him go this time cuz of this nice song. This song was originally part of some eid show a year back and the video is on youtube for a while (sheje guje eid er dawat khaite giye music video banay felse). Rating 4 out of 5. Download Link

No 1: Onno Rokom by Leemon (Album: Ektaare Ami + Tumi) -  Listened to this like 5-6 times in a row. Brilliantly done my Leemon, the new Arnob in the making. Someone had to take Arnob’s place now that Arnob is doing all kinds of songs po/rock/metal (referring to Arnob’s new album Doob). Leemon produced some other nice songs before but never got the limelight he deserves. I hear his solo album is coming out soon (hope its not just another rumor) and atleast I’ll be looking forward to that. Rating 4.25 out of 5. Download Link



Bolchi Tomake – Habib

Yea Just took some time to put Habib’s newest album in my blog (but have been listening to this album for a while).

The deal with Habib’s albums/songs are you either like ALL of them or you DONT like any of them. You’ll find most of the songs (except for Track1: Akankha and Track 9: Godhuli Logon) all the songs have a very similar Habib Factor in them (and as 1 of my friend commented, these songs are perfect for singles and ‘chheka khawa’ publics….. hehe ).

Nonetheless Track1(Akankha) was great to listen on the highway !!!!!

Download Link


BD partial batting and Tamim’s maiden century. With the regular dose of Khoda Box and Jafarullah Sharafat commentry

 One of the best ones: (After Tamim gets his century) ‘ei matro tini tar prothom century korar JOGGOTA orjon korlen..’ 


This CBT video is for people to learn the fundamentals of Unix OS, things like file manipulation and using common utilities to create shell scripts to automate your daily unix tasks. Its a great starting tutorial for the ppl who did other programmings before (more like procedural prog), to get their foot in the Unix Scripting world. This video was made sometime in 1998 (which makes it 10 years old) but the concept/practices will never get obsolete as this is how Unix scripts operate now and will operate in the future.

Just a warning !!! The narrator is quite boring and speaks in a very mundane tone, and I struggled a bit to concentrate as it was the command line unix programming in vi (!!!).

Enjoy Knowledge…..

Link: Part 1

           Part 2

JEE is what I do as a professional (although I am just starting my career), and I would love to recommend some book for people starting out. I’ll update this post periodically with the downloadable ebook links.

J2EE/JEE (in general): 

JSP/Servlets :

EJB 3:

Struts/Spring Framework:

Application Server (Middlewares):

Fuad ft Topu – Meye

A fabulous song. Topu (Yaatri) has impressed me with each and every song he sang so far. He just wins his audience with his soothing smooth voice and some very easy going lyrics. Yaatri/Topu’s songs are the best ones to sing in the adda, with maybe someone plucking on the acoustic in the back…..

anyway here is the song. Its still unreleased and was recorded from the radio (some one else did, not me)


Video on Youtube


Ekhon Ami – Fuad ft Sumon & Anila


01. Gaibona
02. Ekhon Ami
03. Shopnogulo Tomar Moto
04. Shobar Jonno Tumi
05. Tirjok
06. Tomar Jonno
07.  Ghum Pariye Dao
08. Jokhon Charidike
09. Onneshon
10. Noshtonir
11. Sobar Jonno Tumi

My favorite tracks: Gaibona (track 1), Ghum Pariye Dio (track 7) and Shobar Jonno tumi (track 4, and maybe the reason I liked the this one is beacuse it was consistently being played on TV in the form of a Warid ad in BD and it just got into my head).

I am very confused about the name of the last song, as the same song appears to have the name Tomar Jonno (annie’s song) from Sumon ft Elita album….. hmm…

The Album Promotion (song Gaibona) courtesy polapain.com Link

The Warid Ad  Link

Gaibona (wma 192kbps) Download

Ghum Pariye Dio (wma 192kbps) Download

Shobar Jonno Tumi (wam 192kbps) Download


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